Spray Tan

WHITE to BROWN’s inspiration grew from a simple truth: you want a top quality range of self tanning options that aren’t just for a special occasion. They’re there for whenever you feel like, as part of your everyday style.

WHITE to BROWN has embraced this demand. Our self tanning products complement every skin tone and skin type, enhancing your natural glow at any occasion, day or night.

Our obsession to deliver the most realistic tan is now available with WHITE to BROWN. WHITE to BROWN is specially formulated solutions deliver the most natural, flawless and healthy looking tan. Available in a range of colours, you have the option to select your desired depth and intensity of tan.

How It Works

It lasts approximately 5-7 days. However this can be extended with the correct use of pre and post care products.

Before Your Appointment

You must thoroughly exfoliate and moisturise your skin the day prior to your WHITE to BROWN Tan, to remove all your dead skin. Please do not moisturise on the day of treatment. Daily moisturising using a recommended after care product, after the bronzer is removed (when you shower) will extend your WHITE to BROWN Tan by 2-3 days.

Shave or wax at least 24 hours prior to your WHITE to BROWN spray application. Remove all traces of make-up, deodorant and perfume as they can create a barrier.


  • Wear loose dark clothing immediately after your Urban Tan application. This avoids the bronzer rubbing off onto lighter garments. The bronzer is water soluble and will wash away. Care should be taken with light undergarmnents as the colour can hold on the inner linings / Lycra of these garments.
  • Shower as usual the following morning. Your Urban Tan sunless application contains a cosmetic bronzer and this will wash off during showering.
  • Wait 24-48 hours between further applications.
  • Protect yourself in the sun in the normal way. Urban Tan contains NO sunscreens.


  • Do not wear tight items of footwear or clothing that could cause friction and rub marks, for example tight socks, trainers, boots and belts.
  • Do not apply moisturiser or liquid make up. Brozing / loose powder is acceptable as is mascara and lipstick.
  • Do not wash your hands for the first 2-3 hours to avoid water marks on the wrists.
  • Leave the Urban Tan application on the skin for a minimum for 6-8 hours. For optimum results, leave on the skin overnight.
  • Do not worry, as this is usual and does not affect the end results of your Urban Tan. Pat the skin dry post showering. DO NOT rub. Apply your recommended moisturiser or Urban Tan maintainer whilst the skin is damp.
  • Do not exfoliate again for at least 5 days post your Urban Tan spray or until the day prior to your next application.
  • Do not take part in any exercise or activities whilst your Urban Tan is developing. You can resume your normal activities once the bronzer has been removed in the shower.
  • Do not swim whilst your Urban Tan is developing. Wait until you have showered off the bronzers. Chlorine and salt will fade your Urban Tan faster, as this has a bleaching affect on the skin.
  • Full body

  • Half body

  • Legs

  • Face, neck & shoulders