Heatwave offers a complete tailored tanning programme based on your aims and your skin type. Our combination of controlled sunbed time and carefully matched products ensures the best possible results in the given time, while always ensuring your health is not compromised.

At your consultation you will be scheduled for a series of sunbed sessions and advised on which products are best for you. You will also be fully briefed about the practical and safety aspects of the process.

The Tanning Process

Ultraviolet (UV) light occurs naturally in sunlight, in two bands called UVA and UVB. UV exposure triggers the production of melanin by cells called melanocytes deep within the skin. The melanin rises to the upper layers, where it oxidises, darkening to form the colouring we know as a tan. This is the skin’s natural protection against overexposure to UV. We use a combined approach to maximise tanning and reduce skin damage to a minimum.

The sunbeds use UVA light to stimulate melanin release in the skin; whilst our products both moisturise the skin and encourage the melanin to rise to the upper skin layers.

Tanning and Health

Our staff at Heatwave are trained to identify the optimum tanning programme for each individual’s skin type. Under our guidance, you can confidently and safely get the tan you desire.

  • Essential to the production of vitamin D
  • Regulates serotonin production, protecting against some forms of depression such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Stimulates the production of ‘feel-good’ hormones which reduce stress and promote feelings of well-being and sound sleep
  • Raises sex drive through increased production of sex hormones in both sexes
  • Provides relief from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema by reducing cell division – this is known medicinally as phototherapy
  • Reduces severity of acne in some cases
  • Can, in low doses, strengthen immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells, and also reduce cholesterol levels.

Single Sessions

  • 3 mins

  • 6 mins

  • 9 mins

  • 12 mins

  • 15 mins


Short Courses

*Must be used within 7 days - Can't be shared

  • 5x6 mins (30 mins)

  • 5x9 mins (45 mins)

  • 5x12 mins (60 mins)


Heatsavers Courses

  • 75 mins

  • 90 mins

  • 120 mins

  • 180 mins


Unlimited Courses

  • 6 mins

  • 9 mins

  • 12 mins